End of LogMeIn - New Alternatives for Remote Access

The use of LogMeIn will end in early June 2024.

This decision stems from our ongoing commitment to provide solutions that we control and to limit the proliferation of tools and products within our RGsystem Dashboard.

We understand that this change may cause concerns, but rest assured that we have alternatives that will ensure a smooth transition to new remote access solutions.

Below are three alternative options, each addressing specific needs.

  1. Assist
  2. Windows RDP
  3. "Public Link" Feature

The first two alternatives are native and included in the use of the supervision agents. As for Assist, you can use it to remotely control a machine with and without supervision agents.

1. Assist Solution for Remote Troubleshooting

Assist is our product dedicated to remote access and troubleshooting.

It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly access any machine with an installed supervision agent. It is also possible to take control of a machine without a supervision agent with the approval and validation of the controlled party.


  • Assist has tools for downloading, file transfer, and machine-to-machine interactions.
  • Enhanced security
  • Simple and efficient use of remote access.

To discover how to make the most of this solution, please see the associated articles.

We understand that this change may raise questions.

If you have concerns or need additional assistance migrating to one of these alternatives, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team via Chat.

2. Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a protocol, or a technical standard, that allows for the use of a workstation from a distance. Initially released by Microsoft, the RDP protocol is available for most Windows operating systems.

It offers seamless integration with the Windows environment, allowing direct access to the remote desktop.


  • Simple setup
  • Wide compatibility with Windows systems
  • Familiar user experience.

For detailed instructions on activating and using RDP, please see the associated article.

3. "Public Link" Feature

The "Public Link" feature aims to simplify remote access for telecommuting. Created during Covid, this feature allows the creation of secure links with customizable expiration to access your machine remotely.


  • Quick setup
  • Enhanced security
  • Accessibility from any browser.

For detailed instructions on setting up and using public links, please refer to the associated article.

To perform a complete uninstallation of the LogMeIn application, you can use the following command: WMIC product where name="LogMeIn" call uninstall /nointeractive