Pedigree definition

The pedigree is defined as the ID of the machine. It offers a synthetic view of information related to the agent and allows you to perfom actions like :

  • Disable this agent (disabled agent will be deleted after 7 days)
  • Go under maintenance (eg: if something needs to be done on the hardware)
  • Reboot the machine remotely

You can also add a comment about the agent.

Access to pedigree

  • Select an agent in the tree and click on “Pedigree”


  • Right below information displayed in the pedigree (available actions pointed by red rectangle)



Pedigree for a node

You can have the pedigree from a node.

The access process is the same as it is for an agent but positionned on a node.

A list (inventory) appears regrouping for each agent :

  • the Name
  • the Private IP
  • the Install Date
  • the OS name
  • the Domain
  • the Manufacturer
  • the Model
  • the Hardware serial number
  • the Last logged on user


Note : Each agent name is a link to its pedigree.

You can Export this list to different formats :



As seen in the screenshot above you have the possibility to make all sorts of exports from the pedigree of a node :

  • Previous month consumption
  • Previous month uptime
  • Software inventory
  • Last 24 hours device data
  • Last 7 days device data
  • Last 30 days device data
  • Last 365 days device data