Public links allow you to open a connection tunnel from any machine to a predefined one. 

You can add an expiration date to the public link to more easily manage how you grant access to the remote machine.

Links can be revoked at any time to close the connection tunnel within minutes. 

Public links are widely used in telecommuting to allow access to a remote workstation from home, for example. 


Once logged in and after selecting an agent, click on the "Actions" button and then "Native Remote Access" or "Assist" (if you have subscribed to our solution).



Create a Public Link

By default, you will arrive on the "Connect" tab, which allows you to directly use the Assist connection or the RDP protocol to remotely access a machine. 

To generate a public link that you can then share, click on the "Public Links" tab.


You can view the history of public links you have created. You will find active, revoked, or expired links.

To create a new link, click the "+" button



You can:

  • Customize the port to use to create the connection tunnel on the selected agent. 
  • Add an expiration date to schedule the closure of the connection tunnel.
  • Add a description (optional) to understand the context of link creation and avoid accidental revocation. 
  • Confirm to create the link.

The link will then appear in the list of public links seen earlier. The status allows you to quickly get information about the current status of the link.

You will find statuses: 

  • Active (usable)
  • Expired (not usable)
  • Revoked (not usable)

Manage a Public Link

Once a link is created, it can be shared, revoked, and it is possible to modify the expiration date if this feature has been used.

To do this, click again on the link in the list to access the link's configuration.

You can: 

  • Modify or add a description.
  • Copy the link to transmit it for remote machine access. 
  • Revoke the link. This action immediately closes the connection tunnel.
  • Click confirm to apply the modifications and return to the list of public links

Use a Public Link

Open a tab in your browser and paste the link you just retrieved from the public link configuration into the URL field. 

You will access a page that allows you to access the machine by downloading the RDP file that creates the connection tunnel. 

Follow the procedure: 

1. Download the RDP file 

2. Double-click the .rdp file (to open the Windows Remote Desktop)

3. Follow the remote desktop connection steps.


Clicking the "Connect" button will bring up a Windows popup for you to sign in.

You will need to use the connection credentials to access the remote desktop.

image 1.png

A loading screen will appear. Wait a moment for the connection to the remote machine to be established.

A final confirmation will be required to open the remote desktop on your machine.

image 2.png

You now have access to the remote desktop window.

image 3.png

There you go! You now know how to create, configure, and use a public remote connection link.