A service in the field of information technology refers to a program or process that runs in the background and provides specific functionalities to the operating system.

These services can include device drivers, network services, critical system processes, and much more... As a result, services are fundamental to ensuring that the hardware and software components of a system interact seamlessly.

Services in the Dashboard

Select one of your agents, whether it's a workstation or a server, in the Dashboard hierarchy and click on the main menu:
Actions > Services

You will access all the services monitored by the agent that you can stop, start, or restart.

Why Monitor Services?

Monitoring services is essential for several reasons:

Availability and Performance

By monitoring services, you can ensure they are always active and functioning correctly. This contributes to maintaining the availability of critical applications and features.

Early Detection of Malfunctions

By monitoring services in real-time, you can quickly detect anomalies or potential errors. This allows anticipating issues before they seriously impact system performance.

Resource Optimization

Monitoring services also helps identify services that excessively consume system resources. This can assist in optimizing the system configuration for overall performance improvement.


Some services are linked to system security. Monitoring helps spot any suspicious behavior or attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.

Create Alerts for Real-Time Information.

Receiving alerts in case of service malfunctions is a proactive practice that offers several advantages:

Rapid Intervention

Alerts enable quick intervention to resolve issues before they significantly affect the user experience or business operations.

Reduction of Downtime

By detecting and resolving service issues quickly, downtime for critical services is minimized.

Prevention of System Failures

Monitoring services contributes to preventing system failures by identifying early signs and taking corrective measures.


To create alerts, select one of your server agents in the Dashboard hierarchy and click on the main menu:
Configuration > Alerts > Services



You can choose the severity of your alert as well as all the services associated with this alert.