Warning about Remote control with a trial account


When setting up remote access via trial accounts, several checks and security measures are implemented to prevent identity theft and ensure user protection.



Before authorizing remote access:

  • A verification window appears to provide you with detailed information about the individual attempting to access your system.

In this verification window, you will find the following information:

  • User identity: first name, last name
  • Associated organization or company
  • Email address
  • Information version: trial account
  • Control options: Approve or deny remote access



User data handling during the setup of remote access and the use of trial accounts typically involves several steps and measures to ensure privacy protection and data security.

Data Usage:

  • User data is primarily used to facilitate access and the use of remote access services.

Data Security:

  • User data is processed with robust security measures to prevent the disclosure or modification of personal information.
  • This includes the use of security protocols, encryption, and firewalls to protect data at rest and in transit.