Elevation of rights is a new action available in the remote desktop tool Assist.

This new feature aims to change the user rights of the current session to perform administrative actions.

Usage prerequisites

  • This feature is available when you perform a remote desktop session via the "Agentless" mode, i.e., without using an RG System monitoring agent.
  • You can only use this feature if the user session on which you are performing a remote desktop session does not already have administrator rights.
  • Right elevation is a feature that only works with remote control of a Windows machine.


You will find the elevation of rights in the main menu of the Assist tool:

Flash Shortcut > Actions > Elevate Rights



Elevate Your Rights

When clicking on the action, a window will open allowing you to fill in the fields for the username and password associated with the administrator session.



Note: The password field is mandatory to complete the elevation of rights action.
If the administrator account used does not have a password, you will not be able to use this feature to elevate rights.

In this case, ask your client to log in to the administrator account themselves and restart a remote desktop session to benefit from administrator rights in the session.


UAC Validation

Once the fields have been filled in and you have validated the window to perform the elevation of rights, a Windows UAC window will open on the remote side to validate the operation.

Make sure that the remote side can validate the authorization window to complete the elevation of rights.

You can now access administrative features that were previously restricted during your intervention.