Assist is the easy-to-use and secure remote support solution (via protocols such as wss:// and https://).

It allows you to quickly and effectively address the needs of your end-users.

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Table of Contents:

Full web
No installation - Easy access

With or without agent
Remote support with or without pre-installation of the tool

With or without approval
Secure approval request before remote control, or the option to lock an open Windows session in order to connect to the machine

Copy/paste text
Respects habits with this essential function

File transfer
No format or size limit - Encrypted and compressed streams

Display of the remote control mouse
The cursor of the remote control mouse is displayed to facilitate diagnostics with Assist.

Possibility to display all screens on different tabs

Possibility to leave a comment and a rating for RG System - Transparency

Hosted in France
Performance - Compliance - Proximity - Sovereignty

Connection to the machine and non-nominal uses. A common channel pool is available, allowing simultaneous remote support within the limits of available channels.

Free trial
Possibility to test the solution free for 30 days

Windows and macOS
Available for Windows and macOS environments


Additional Information

  • Copy/paste on Firefox is only functional from agent to technician machine
  • Text copy limitation to less than 102400 characters
  • Secure connection via protocols such as wss:// and https:// (among others)


Connection History

You can check the history of your Assist connections from the "Connection Logs" tab of a node, as well as view the indicators that allow you to have an overview of your remote maintenance activity.


The three available indicators above the table govern its sorting and filtering, so you can obtain values by node, agent, technician...


With or Without Approval

Secure approval request before remote control:

  • Display of a warning banner in the case of a remote control request from a non-certified / validated account (in Trial)
  • or the option to lock an open Windows session in order to connect to the machine.



Keyboard Shortcuts on the Remote Machine

To compensate for the lack of support for certain shortcuts, Assist provides a list of shortcuts to send to the remote machine from the "Actions" menu during a remote support session.

Here is the menu in question, with the shortcuts listed:


Blocking Remote Control Commands

To block a user's commands, use the button provided in the Assist action bar.

Press the icon again, or close the session (via the "X" in the top left) to unblock the user's commands.

The blocked user can use the "CTRL + ALT + DEL" shortcut to end the blockage.





You can display additional screens of a user in new tabs of your browser by clicking on "new tab"



Adjusting Image Quality

During remote support, it is possible to adjust the image quality by clicking on "settings" in the menu.

By default, the settings are positioned on 1080 HD /16-bit resolution.

To maximize your experience when using Assist, we recommend adopting one of the following configurations based on your computer hardware: