Remote Control Access without approval with Assist


Assist allows you to remotely access Windows machines (PCs and servers) without any action required from the remote user.

This means you can:

  • Lock an active session to gain control of the Windows lock screen.
  • Directly access the Windows lock screen.


  • The target machine's agent must be at least version "5068" (this information can be found in the agent's Pedigree).
  • You must have the right to "Lock a session and gain access without approval via Assist."
    • By default, this right is assigned to the "Technical Support" group and above.


  • Remote access without approval is only applicable to Windows machines.
  • It is not possible to access an open session without first locking it.

Connecting to a Remote Machine Without Approval

Assist now allows you to connect to a machine without any action required from the remote user.

You can use the following two buttons to enable remote access:

  • The left button allows you to gain access with or without approval, depending on the circumstances (see below).
  • The right button allows you to lock a session and gain access.


In the following scenarios :

  • If there is at least one open session with an active user 
    • You can request remote access  mceclip0.png
    • You can lock the active session and gain access to the machine  mceclip1.png
  • If there is a locked open session or no open session at all 
    • You can gain access to the machine's lock screen without approval mceclip0.png