The monitoring of network elements is at the heart of supervision activities. This is why we have decided to develop a new monitoring engine based on the SNMP protocol.

More in line with your expectations, the main objective of this new functionality is to allow you to monitor your SNMP equipment simply and efficiently.


Before using SNMP Devices, it is preferable to have some knowledge of how SNMP works, in particular:

- OIDs: An "OID" for "Object identifier" is the unique identifier of a value presented by a device via the SNMP protocol

- MIB: A "MIB" for "Management Information Base" is a set of information that allows OIDs to be described, in order to give more details on their values (description, type, formats, etc.).


  • During the beta phase, some bugs may still be present
  • Widget display limited to 10 items per widget
  • Interrogators must be Windows server agents



Creating an SNMP Device agent

Configuring an SNMP Device

Creating a widget

Transformation expressions