On which OS does SNMP device monitoring work?


The SNMP device functionality is currently developed to work with a Windows-based polling server agent only. The server agent version 2.3.5062.w32 will therefore only concern Windows machines.

How long does it take to receive information after a widget has been created?


A maximum of 5 minutes

What is the minimum delay for triggering an alert?

Currently it is 10 minutes, but we are working on reducing this time to 1 minute.
What happens if my agent is offline? As the agent is no longer communicating, no data from the SNMP devices will come back. Since we do not offer automatic switchover to another online server agent on the same network (agent pool), you must put the online server agent back on. We currently estimate the development effort on the agent pool functionality.
Is it possible to search in the tree to choose the query agent? Not yet, but the current workaround is to go to the agent in question and then > network > network neighbourhood > create the targeted device.
What types of devices are managed by RG? SNMP v1 and v2, all types and all brands as long as the device communicates in SNMP (switch, firewall, wifi terminal, NAS, printer).
How can I monitor SNMP devices if I do not have a server agent? You can promote an RG workstation agent to a server, but be aware that if the machine is offline or turned off, you will not be able to monitor the devices.
Is it necessary to run an OID scan on each device? No, you can create an SNMP device by importing the widgets of an existing device, the information will be sent directly.
What if I can't find the OIDs and MIBs I need? Contact RG support and specify the MIB(s) in question and we will integrate them.

What is the billing model for SNMP devices?


During the beta, you can create as many SNMP devices as you want, it's free! After the beta, each SNMP device in production will be billed individually per month, regardless of the nature of the device. You can subscribe to an SNMP device package to get a discount.


Can I monitor the same device twice?

Yes, to have two different views of the same device for example. In this case, the same device will be charged twice.
Can I monitor devices from an ESX? No, only Windows server agents can monitor SNMP devices. But it is possible to monitor devices from a Windows virtual machine with an RG server agent.