Disable monitoring of a service from a node (e.g. Maps Broker)


  • Go to the desired node
  • Go to Configuration > Alerts > Services
  • Cut Inheritance then click on Advanced
  • Click on Help (?) to see examples of advanced regular expressions.

Adapt this example


  • Replace "GoogleChrome" with "MapsBroker".
  • not (services.column("serviceId").allMatch("/MapsBroker/"))
  • Register


Explanations: On the concerned node, you are alerted on all services cut for at least 30 minutes except for the services indicated in the regular expression.

If you wish to disable several services, you will have to use | (pipe) which will translate to OR.

Example to be adapted to your needs :

not (services.column("serviceId").allMatch("/Autodesk|SPSearch|SQLAgent|BACKBURNER|