The hypervisor agent now specifically manages VMware ESXi hosts from version 5. For Microsoft Hyper-V, it will be sufficient to install the management agent directly on Windows.

It is not possible to install the management agent directly on the ESXi host, we will create a “virtual” agent in the tree and then an interrogating agent will retrieve the supervisory information through the VMware APIs.

From a node on your tree, right clic and select “New hypervisor”


Now that it is created, we will fill in the authentication information :

  • Select the new agent and clic on Configuration / Hypervisor


  • Fill in the authentication information as well as the agent that will query the hypervisor (it can be a VM hosted by this same hypervisor)


(1) User account, “root” in the majority of cases
(2) Password of the hypervisor
(3) IP address of the Hypervisor
(4) Add the polling agent (choose a server agent that will be on 24/7)
(5) Save the informations

  • Your hypervisor is now supervised