The relay agent will allow you to use an existing agent with an internet connection to relay communications from agents with no internet connection.


The relay agent is integrated in the standard agent, it does not require any spefic installation.
Please note, that this feature is only available for Windows agents.


In order to activate the relay feature, go to the registry and setup the agent like the following :

Machine 64b --> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RG Systemes


  1. Create a registry key “relay” in the “RG Supervision” key
  2. In this “relay” key, create “enabled” as a new DWORD value
  3. Setup the value of “enabled” to “1”
  4. Once this modification is done, restart the “RG-Supervision” service
  5. Reboot the “RG-Supervision” service

(optional) Below the list of the different options available to control the relay :


  1. “interfaces” defines on which interfaces the agent listens. « ::, » means “all ipv6 interfaces and all ipv4 interfaces” (which is the default value if nothing is specified)
  2. “max-pending-connections”
  3. “max-simultaneous-connections”
  4. “port” will allow to modify the communication port between the machine to be monitored and the relay agent (the default port is 443)
  5. “timeout”

Setting up agents that will use the relay

On machines that will be using the relay

  1. Launch the agent installer
  2. Go to “Network Settings”


  1. Check “Use a proxy server”
  2. Dans le champ “adresse”, mettre l’adresse IP (ou FQDN) de l’agent relais (pensez à vérifier le port de communication)
  3. In the “address” field, put the IP address (or the FQDN) of the rlay agent (reminder : verify the communication port)
  4. Sélectionner le type de proxy “Agent relais”