An API token is a unique string of characters generated to enable authentication and access to our APIs. This token must be included in every request sent to the API to identify and authorize the client to access the resources or functionalities offered by the API.

Prerequisites for Usage

To generate an API token from the dashboard, you must first have your account's API key. This key will be required when generating an API Token.

If you don't have it, or if you've never had it, you can contact support to retrieve it.

Note: The key can only be requested by a user with account manager or account administrator rights.


Access the API Token section from the My Profile page, accessible via the shortcut at the top right of the dashboard.



API Token Management


Create your tokens directly via the "create an API token" action.

The required fields for creating the token are: 

- The name

- The API key associated with the account to validate the creation of the API token.

It is also possible to set an expiration date. This setting is optional and cannot be modified once the token is created.

Once the required parameters are entered, you can create the token. It will appear in a pop-up.

We invite you to copy and paste it into a place where you have secure access. Once the pop-up is closed, it will no longer be possible to view the token.


You will then find the newly created token in the list. You can create multiple tokens for different uses.


It is possible to modify the name of the token once it is created and appears in the list of API tokens.

You can use this modification to provide context and more easily understand in what circumstances the token is used.


It is possible to delete an API token at any time. Before deletion, make sure you understand the context of token usage to avoid service interruption (if it is being used).

A confirmation message will be displayed before the token is permanently deleted.