No neighbor appear on the page

The network neighborhood feature is available on Server agents since 2.3.4928 version. Ensure your agent is up to date and online.


Some machines of the local network don't appear

Only machines having communicated with your server are detectable by the RG agent. The best candidate to have a complete visibility is therefore the Active Directory domain controller, which communicate constantly with the local domain machines.

You can also force an active scan from your server.


Windows detected field is empty

This information is detected every 24h, if the target machine is offline another try will be done 24h later. Ensure also the firewall of server agent and neighboring machines are correctly configured.


Agent field displays an agent whereas the machine doesn't have one

This detection is based on MAC address uniqueness, it may be that this address modification, notably in the case of virtual machines. In those particular cases, it may happen that one or several agents are erroneously detected as being this neighbor. To ensure your parc safety, remote deployment is disabled on those neighbors, and you'll have to deploy RG agent manually.


Agent field displays several agents

This MAC address is used by several agents. Beyond above case, please check those agents aren't leftovers from reinstallation of which the previous agent hasn't been disabled.


Wake-on-LAN doesn't work

Ensure that your server is online, and that the target machine is configured to wake up on the reception of a Wake-on-LAN packet by its network interface.


Deployment error: RPC server is unavailable (Connection failed (credentials or network))

The deploying agent failed to contact the remote machine. Causes of this error can be:

  • The neighbor no longer exists or is not present in the network

  • The neighboring machine is switched off

  • A network problem prevents those machines to communicate

  • The neighboring machine doesn't check previously cited prerequisites

  • One of the machines is not configured correctly (firewall blocking WMI/DCOM traffic, WMI service stopped)
  • A firewall blocks this traffic

To test the correct communication between your machines, you can launch this command from the deploying agent machine:

wmic /NODE:<IP> /USER:"<DOMAIN>\<USERNAME>" /PASSWORD:"<PASSWORD>" PATH Win32_OperatingSystem GET /value

While replacing <IP>, <DOMAIN>, <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> fields by the remote machine parameters.


Deployment error: Access denied (Connection failed (credentials or network))

The deploying agent failed to authenticate on the remote machine. Causes of this error can be:

  • Provided credentials are incorrect
  • Provided credentials don't have required Administrator rights
  • Provided credentials aren't those of the Active Directory Administrator and UAC isn't disabled

To test this, you can use the same command than above.


Deployment error: Already installed 

The RG Supervision service already exists on the target machine. To ensure your parc safety, remote deployment is disabled on those neighbors. If you want to overwrite an agent to reinstall it, please do this operation manually.


Deployment error: Download and extract failed 

The targeted machine couldn't download and extract the RG installer. Please try the operation manually on this machine to resolve this issue.

  • Check that the directory C:\Windows\Temp exists
  • Check in C:\Windows\Temp that the file exists. Else, the download failed. Confirm by trying to download from a web browser on the remote machine: (different URL on dedicated infrastructures)
  • Check in C:\Windows\Temp that RG-Setup.exe, Tools and rgsupv_XXXXXX.txt exists. Else, try this extraction manually to see what can prevent it.


Deployment error: Register failed  

Registration with our servers did not work, please try to run a network test via the RG agent interface from the remote machine: C:\Windows\Temp\RG-Setup.exe  

If the deployment is done on an on-premise infrastructure, please check that the deploying agent has in its registry the key "expected-host-name" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\RG Systemes\RG Supervision\network configured with the correct value. If not, please fill it in and restart the deployment. 

Beware, remote deployment won't work if your agent is configured to use a proxy.


Active scan don't display every local network machines

Ensure the inquirer server stay online during the entire scan. Neighboring machine also have to be turned on when they are interrogated. Finally ensure ICMPv4 traffic is allowed on the network and the different machines.