Supported Architectures

  x86 x86_64
 Windows x x
 Linux x x
 MacOS* x x

* macOS M1 architecture supported

Microsoft Windows

  • Server 2008 and above...
  • Windows 7 and above...
    • Note, on Windows Vista, the agent will no longer be updated beyond version "2.3.5062".


  • Debian Base (Ubuntu, ...)
  • RedHat Base (CentOS, ...)


  • starting from macOS 10.11 El Capitan
    Important Note: potential instabilities of the Mac agent from version 10.15 Catalina 


The agent communicates on TCP port 443 outbound to

RG System tunnel DNS:
Assist tunnel DNS: /
Communication port:
- agent > tunnel : 443
- technician > tunnel : 1024-65535
Backup servers DNS:
Communication ports: 28001 and 29000 (outbound TCP)

Additional Information

To overcome a Microsoft limitation regarding RDS servers, it is necessary to deactivate the "user ticket" plugin.
If you still wish to activate the "user ticket" plugin on your RDS server, please contact our customer service ❤️