RG Security is a complementary feature to your supervision that will allow you to protect your computers against malicious softwares. It embeds the BitDefender antimalware. We will see in this article how to activate, install and administrate this feature.

Activate the free trial

Before you deploy the RG Security agents you first need to activate your 30 days free trial.
To access the “RG Security” menu place yourself on the main node of your tree

  • Open the “RG security” menu
  • Click on “Manage”


Then validate by clicking on “Free trial”


The activation of your RG Security account may take a few minutes


You'll received an email for this trial activation.


Your free trial is now activated.



Install RG Security

To start the installation of Security on your agents click on 08.jpg.

A message pops up indicating the number of eligible agents. Click on “Install RG Security” or “Close”.


Note : Agents targeted by this action are those listed once the filters are applied.
If the internet connection on the client side is too slow or if you don’t want to have an impact on your client network during the deployment you can use a relay agent to download the package.


Administrate the RG security

You can now access the RG Security administration. The list of all agents in the current node and their RG Security status. It is also mentioned the elapsed time since the last status change. For example, the “Serveur 1” agent is waiting for a reboot for the last 17 WEEKS and 3 DAYS.

duree etat

You can also apply a filter to have a customized view.


For each filter you want to add you have to click on the “+” (1) sign and it will appear the “ACTIVE FILTERS” list.

If you want to remove a filter you have to click on it in the “ACTIVE FILTERS” list (2).


Once you’ve chosen your filters you’ll just need to click on the “Filter” button.


Here is a list of all different status available for and agent (it may evolve along with an update) :

Not installed
Install requested
Install awaiting system reboot
Install error
Uninstall requested
Uninstall awaiting system reboot
Uninstall error
Installed manually
Uninstalled manually
Corrupted install