"Cybersecurity" is an additional feature to your monitoring tool that will help you protect your machines against malware. It includes the Bitdefender antimalware solution.

In this article, we will see how to activate the Cybersecurity product and access the Bitdefender GravityZone console.


To use the "Cybersecurity" feature, you must first: 

  • Have access to the root node of your tree structure. 
  • Have the necessary rights enabled to use this feature.
  • Set up an SSO or MFA authentication system.

Activate the trial period

Before starting to deploy your security agents, you will first need to activate your free 30-day trial period. To access the "Cybersecurity" menu, go to your root node.

  • Open the "Cybersecurity" menu
  • Click on "Manage"

Then validate by clicking on the "Free Trial" button

Creating the GravityZone console will take a few moments... You will also receive an email confirmation when the trial period starts.  

Access the GravityZone console

Once created, you will be redirected to a new page where you can access your console.

You can also request contact with a sales representative for more details on Bitdefender's advanced security features.

Clicking the "Access the console" button will redirect you to the GravityZone console in a new tab.

You will simply need to accept Bitdefender's terms and conditions to use the security features.

A brief summary of the essential steps will be available to help you get started with GravityZone

You are now in your dedicated GravityZone space.