RGSystem allows you to monitor the status of third-party backup software installed on your machines (worksation or server), as long as they have an RG agent installed.

If you do not wish to receive all or part of these alerts, the procedure below shows you how to proceed.


Disabling backup monitoring alerts for workstation and/or server agents

Please note that the procedure below will disable all backup alerts on the workstation agents and/or servers, whether for third party products or the Files & Data backup offered by RGSystem.
  1. Go to the node for which to disable backup alerts.
  2. Select the "Backup" line, and if inheritance is enabled, disable it.
  3. To disable alerts for both workstations AND servers, simply disable the alerts you don't want to receive, via the On/Off slider.
  4. To disable alerts for workstations only, with the plugin enabled, click on "Advanced" and enter the value below in the advanced expression field, then click "Enable".
  5. Repeat on all three backup alerts to stop receiving them.

Advanced expression :

agent.type != "W"