Release note - October 2022

List of release notes



  • [New] - New summary of your backup jobs!

    From now on, from the new "Jobs" page of the Backup menu, accessible from a node, find all your backup activities, whatever their source, centralized on a single page with the usual sorting and filters. With this overview, management becomes easier and valuable time will be saved!


  • [Improvement] - Clarification of the "connected" status of agents.
    • The column "Connected" becomes "Status".
    • The column "Last communication" disappears.
    • The information "Last monitoring" is added to the hover in the "Status" column.
    • Added "Warning" status in case of abnormal delay of monitoring, or undetected return online.


  • [New] - Assist: agent pedigree display

    Always with the idea of facilitating your interventions, you can now display and copy the summary of the characteristics of the remote computer.
    All you need is a click on the new button available in the Assist action bar.

  • [New] - Added a confirmation modal at the end of the Assist session. After the next update of the RG agent, it would also be possible to close the remote Windows session via this same modal.

Backup M365

  • [BUG] - Fixed a bug that could cause a "Timeout" and prevent the declaration of the organization


SNMP Devices

  • [New] - Added a tree search in the polling agent selection modal.
  • [BUG] - SNMP devices: fixed "Timeticks" data scaling
    OIDs in "Timeticks" format (especially used for uptime) are now reported as they should be, in hundredths (and not thousandths) of a second.
    Transform expressions modifying this type of OID will need to be readjusted.
    Note: the type of an OID is visible via the tooltip to the right of the latter, in the OID selector (accessible via the "Tree" icon attached to the input field).



SNMP Devices

  • [New] - Added a warning message (when editing) on the selection of OID's when charts are enabled on the widget.
  • [Improvement] - Change the date format to not display weeks anymore.
  • [BUG] - Fixed a display problem when the graph legend inside widgets is too large.


  • [New] - Assist connection logs are available! - You can now view your Assist connection history from the "Connection Logs" tab of a node, as well as the indicators that give you an overall view of your remote maintenance activity.


SNMP Device

  • [New] - Added charts to SNMP Device widgets

RG Backup

  • [Improvement] - Added a granular right to restart backups in error.