Release notes - October 2020

Release notes list


  • [BUG] Supervision - Device monitoring
    It was not possible to load multiple dashboard pages after detecting several hundred network interfaces. We therefore limit the visualization to 20 elements of the network.

  • [BUG] Backup - Activity
    When a backup goes up to a status with type "No Data" on the Avamar side, the activity of the backup now goes up on the dashboard in status "Error" instead of "Incomplete".


  • [IMPROVEMENTS] Supervision - Antivirus alert disabled
    The AntiVirus Disabled Alert now has 3 additional durations: 5 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks 
  • [IMPROVEMENTS] Network - Alerting
    The new neighbour detected alert now contains the field: "Windows Detected". 
    It is now possible to configure an advanced alert on an agent.

  • [IMPROVEMENTS] Network - Deployment
    It is now possible to make a request to deploy agents on an unknown type neighbour (the field is empty), not only on a detected Windows type.

  • [IMPROVEMENTS] Quota - Export from a node
    A new “Aggregate” column allows you to see if the quota is in ON or OFF aggregation mode. 

    A "threshold unit" column deduced from the type of threshold allows knowing the type of given threshold.

    On the "period value" and "period exceeded" columns, "no data" and "no agent" are now displayed if there is no data or no agent considered. 



  • [NEW] Supervision - Quota
    It is now possible to delete a quota.

  • [BUG] Supervision - Network neighborhood
    Several bugs have been corrected following the first user feedbacks.



  • [NEW] Supervision - Network
    Il est désormais possible de visualiser le voisinage réseau de vos agents serveur. Pour cela, vous pouvez aller sur la nouvelle page « Voisinage réseau » disponible depuis le nouveau menu « Réseau ».

  • [NEW] Supervision - Network neighborhood - Windows agents deployment
    It is now possible to deploy an agent on a Windows neighbor in a few clicks from the dashboard without having physical access to the machine. The feature is available in the new Network Neighborhood page.

  • [NEW] Supervision - Network neighborhood - Wake On Lan
    We also offer you the possibility to run a Wake On Lan on one or more detected neighbors. This action is available from the new "Network Neighborhood" page.

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