The monitoring of a server’s hardware is made via events generated by the manager software. (Here are some examples of manager softwares : Dell OpenManage, HP SmartStorageAdministrator, Fujitsu ServerView, IBM DirectorAgent, etc…)

Those manager software will generate events in the windows log and our agent will analyse all the events to alert in case there is one that corresponds to one of the events set in the event template corresponding.

In order to have this monitoring you need to apply the corresponding event template on the server agent.
(If you look for the article “Events” in our knowledge base you will have the information necessary to apply a event template.)

If you need you can create a new template and set it to alert for specific events.
Here is an example with our template for Dell servers :
template dell exemple

(1) Here you can see we will generate an alert tagged “Error” with the second level of criticity (orange) if an event is created in the System log by “Server Administrator” regardless of the event ID (*)
(2) Same here but with an alert tagged as a “Warning” and a lesser criticity level


The monitoring of a workstation’s hardware consists on checking the disks health via the S.M.A.R.T status.
You can see it in the menu “Data” > "Charts" > “Hardware”.

smart status workstation