The custom scripts feature allows you to use one of the 5 types of scripts to perform actions on an agent or node that you have previously selected.

Note: If you select a node, all agents within the node will be affected by the script (subject to the eligibility criteria you have defined in the script).

You can easily access this feature in the "Actions" section of the main menu.

Custom Scripts

Custom scripts represent a set of 5 major types of scripts that will help you perform various operations in RG system. 

The 5 types of scripts are: 

  • Execute a Script
  • SQL Query
  • WMI Query 
  • Windows Registry 
  • File

Viewing Your Scripts

Once you have created your first scripts, you can find them in a list that presents 2 views, "Current" and "All". 

These 2 views allow you to see all scripts that have an impact on the agent or agents in your context.

  • "Current" View

Find in the script list all scripts that have been created and configured specifically on the selected node or agent.

  • "All" View

This view allows you to see all scripts that have been executed on the agent or agents in your context. You will see scripts defined on parent nodes or child nodes of your context.

Custom Scripts List Actions

Several actions are available:

  • Create
  • Editing
  • Deactivation (or pausing)
  • Duplication
  • Deletion
  • Viewing (in the context of restricted rights)

These will allow you to easily manage your scripts on the selected agent or node.

⚠ Warning: if the selected script has already been executed at least once, you will no longer be able to modify the execution frequency. We recommend duplicating it to adjust this parameter. 

Creating a Script

The script configuration interface will adapt according to the type of script you choose to create. 

By selecting the "Execute a Script" option, you will access the code editor that allows you to write your scripts in the Dashboard using different programming languages such as PowerShell, Python, Batch, etc.

The execution parameters will be customizable via the sections: 

  • Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Alerts
  • Script Test

Using the Script Library

To simplify the process of creating new scripts, you can use predefined templates available in the script library. Whether they are your own templates (previously saved as templates) or community script templates, a simple click in the library allows you to use them as a starting point to create scripts.

Viewing Results 

  • The results of Custom Scripts are accessible from the "Results" button in the list.

The results page allows you to view the latest results at the moment for each agent impacted by the script in the selected node.

These results can be exported from the associated action at the top of the list.

  • You can access the details of an agent's results by clicking the "Detail" button.

The agent's results page allows you to view all results (up to a maximum of 1440 sliding results) of the selected script.

Note: these can be presented in different ways to adapt the analysis. You can choose to display the results in a text table for a concise view or in curves for a more detailed graphical view. These presentations can be customized in the script configuration (settings tab).


To learn more about the 5 types of scripts, settings, alerts, and testing, please refer to the associated articles: