General Information

The Windows Deployment Kit facilitates the deployment of monitoring agents on Windows workstations and servers, a crucial feature for MSPs and end-users looking to optimize the monitoring of their IT environments.

Usage Prerequisites

Before you begin, ensure that you are working on a Windows workstation or server, as the Deployment Kit is specifically designed for these environments.

Screenshot: Usage Prerequisites

Three Deployment Methods

  1. Deployment via Executable Download: Download the binary via a dedicated link and run the .exe for a quick installation with predefined configuration.

Screenshot: Deployment via Executable Download

  1. Deployment via CMD Command Line: Use a command line from the machine's CMD terminal for precise deployment, suitable for users familiar with the command line.

Screenshot: Deployment via CMD Command Line

  1. Deployment via Base64 Encoded Binary: Choose this method for flexible deployment with a binary executed with Base64 encoded naming.

Screenshot: Deployment via Base64 Encoded Binary

Management of Deployment Kits

Go to the "Windows Deployment Kit" section in the "Download" menu to manage your kits. Rename them for clear identification and easily delete them when needed.

Screenshot: Kit Management in Interface

Complete Procedures

For detailed instructions on each deployment method, refer to our dedicated articles:

  • Deployment via Executable Download
  • Deployment via Base64 Encoded Binary
  • Deployment via CMD Command Line

These comprehensive resources will guide you through each step to ensure an effective deployment of our monitoring agents.