Release note - February 2023

List of release notes



  • [Improvement] Blocking remote user commands
    You can now temporarily disable the commands of the remote user during your Assist session.
  • [Improvement] Downloading files added to the Windows clipboard.
    From now on, a notification is displayed when adding files to the Windows clipboard, with one click, it allows you to directly download the copied files.




  • [Improvement] It is no longer necessary to have the right "Take control of an agent remotely via Assist" to take control remotely with Assist Agentless. The right "Take control remotely with Assist Agentless" is sufficient.


Devices SNMP

  • [Improvement] We will now suggest ready-to-use widgets for your SNMP devices!
    Suggestions are automatically brought to you based on the SNMP scan of your device. Check out your suggestions now, by creating a new Widget from the pedigree of one of your devices.

  • [Improvement] Added a comment field on the SNMP Devices configuration page.



  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that generated alerts on excluded services.


  • [Improvement] It is now possible to choose the default destination for file transfers from the following list: Desktop, Download, Document, User folder.
  • [Improvement] Better management of network outages during the remote control session.
  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that prevented the remote control in case of error loading the pedigree data


  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that caused some Sharepoint restore to fail.