Release note - January 2023

List of release notes



  • [Improvement] Table sorting and filtering icons are now visible (on the Pedigee node, Network Neighbourhood, Assist Connection Logs, M365 Backup and Job Backup pages).

Devices SNMP

  • [Improvement] Added a feature that allows you to test SNMP connectivity with your device during configuration.


  • [Improvement] The "Client" user profile now has rights to use Assist by default.


SNMP Devices

  • [Improvement] It is now possible to put an SNMP device in maintenance from its "Pedigree" page, a button has been added to do this.
  • [Bug] - Fixed a bug that sent too many timeout alerts
  • [Bug] - Fixed a bug that in some cases made impossible to add additional OIDs.
  • [Bug] - Fixed a bug concerning alerts, which could be opened with a lower criticity level than the one configured.



  • [Improvement] - The user profile "Technical intervener" now has the right "Take control without approval to the lock screen (allows to lock session), via Assist" by default.
  • [Improvement] - The "Connection logs" page is now the main Assist page on a node.
  • [Improvement] - The sleep mode is now automatically exited when taking control of a machine in sleep mode.

Devices SNMP

  • [Improvement] - Added "SNMP Device" type to the search.
  • [Bug] - Fixed a bug that did not allow the use of match expressions with regular expressions.