Release note - December 2022

List of release notes


Backup Microsoft 365

  • [Improvement] - Update of the faire use :
    • Mail: 100 Go
    • One Drive: 1,1To
    • All in one: 1,5To

Device SNMP

  • [Improvement] - QNAP MIB Intégration.
  • [Improvement] - ZYXE MIB Intégration.



  • [BUG] - Registration / Account Activation - Fixed a bug on the display of the country selector for the phone area code.
  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that caused hypervisor connection status to not be reported.
  • [BUG] Report - Fixed a bug that caused the appearance of PDF backup reports to be altered.


  • [BUG] Antivirus - Fixed a bug that caused Panda security to no longer be monitored. Make sure you update Panda Security to take advantage of this fix.




  • [New🎉] - The end of session comment field now allows you to write a comment that will be visible in the connection logs.
  • [Improvement] - Connection logs - Indicators now take into account all filters in the table.
  • [Improvement] - Connection logs - Agentless remote control sessions on a machine with an RG agent are now reported.

Device SNMP

  • [Improvement] - Changed the behavior of alerts to create only one ticket in case of offline SNMP devices.
  • [BUG] - Fixed a bug that had the effect of removing the "multi-oid" when accessing a widget.n widget.
  • [BUG] - Fixed a bug in the layout of widgets.
  • [BUG] - Fixed a bug concerning errors in boolean value reporting.