Release note - September 2022

List of release notes



  • [Improvement] - If you are not yet an Assist customer, your 30-day free trial is available again.
  • [Improvement] - The default resolution for remote control is now 1080P.

Device SNMP

  • [Improvement] - Changing the organisation of the widget buttons.
  • [Improvement] - Adding shorter alert and recovery times (1 minute and 3 minutes).
  • [Improvement] - It is now possible to monitor up to 64 child OIDs with the "monitor all" action (wildcard).
  • [Improvement] - Adding Widget duplication.
  • [Improvement]- Add a warning message when an OID is selected but not used in the transformation expression.

Backup Monitoring

  • [Improvement] - "Acronis cyber protect 15" is now supported.