Release Notes - Febuary 2021

List of release notes


  • [New] Exports

    The XLSX export format is now available by default for all dashboard exports. This new format will allow you to avoid errors encountered when opening XLS files.



  • [Improvement] Backup

The "backup outdated" alert is now also issued if the machine is offline (the RG agent no longer communicates).

  • [Improvement] Backup - Activity page

When viewing the backup logs, the error lines are now separated from the warning lines for better reading.





  • [New feature] Network neighborhood on server agent - Active scan

    In addition to the passive scan which regularly feeds back the exchanges between an agent and its neighbors, it is now possible to launch a network scan on demand. This method will interrogate all possible neighboring IPs via a ping.


  • [New feature] Network neighborhood - View neighbors from a node

    It is now possible to view network neighbors from a node. A new column present allows you to see which agents have detected the listed neighbor. It is also possible to export this list.


  • [New feature] Network neighborhood on server agent - Agent deployment

    If an attempt to deploy agents to a neighbor fails, the attempt will now be automatically renewed every hour. It is also possible to stop any new deployment attempt or restart it immediately.


  • [New feature] Event template - Support for HP ProLiant Gen10 machines

    We have modified the HP Hardware template to add new 2 vents that will allow you to monitor HP ProLiant Gen10 machines.