Release Notes - November 2020

List of release notes



  • [Improvement] Backup - Job status
    We have added the detailed status of a failed backup job in the detail of the ticket and the alert email.
  • [Improvement] Backup - Bare Metal
    For "Bare Metal" backup policies, we now display the details of the type of failed Avamar plugin in the ticket.
  • [New] Automation - Reboot action
    It is now possible to launch a reboot action directly from the RG scheduler in the Automation feature without having to run a specific command.
  • [New] Account management - Delete a customer account
    For our customers who have the additional account management functions, it is now possible to delete a customer account from the tree.
  • [Bug] App Manager - Firefox
    When the Firefox application was deployed in "Last" version (autoupdate enabled) via the App Manager, if an update was initiated by Firefox, the application was systematically reinstalled by RG in the previous version.



  • Internet Explorer 11 browser support discontinued
    Following Microsoft's announcements concerning Internet Explorer 11 browser's end of support, we will no longer guarantee its compatibility with our dashboard from 12/31/2020.

    Browsers which compatibility will be maintained are Edge (Microsoft), Chrome (Google), Firefox (Mozilla) and Safari (Apple).
  • [New] Backup - Restore Windows files
    It is now possible to restore files and folders that have "System" attributes. The option is available on the restore file page.
  • [Improvement] Supervision - Network neighborhood
    In the event of a deployment failure, the detailed Windows feedback is displayed by default in the Deployment activities interface.

    When setting up the deployment, when a user name is entered without an associated domain, RG automatically adds the local default domain ". \" Will be added.
  • [Bug] Supervision - Quota
    The unit of the values ​​displayed on the quotas was too offset, leading to a display of the consumption values ​​that were difficult to read.
  • [Bug] Supervision - Network neighborhood
    The list of neighbors of a machine was not updated when changing from one agent to another.