Release notes - August 2020

Release notes list


  • [BUG] RG Backup - Installing the Avamar agent
    It sometimes happened that a reinstallation of the Avamar client was attempted for no apparent reason on a machine which could lead to an unwanted change of domain.

    There was an activation issue when multiple machines with the same name were activated at the same time in the same Avamar domain.

  • [BUG] RG Backup - Jobs page- Alerts
    In some cases, following the redesign of the installation of the Avamar client, we could have inconsistencies in the statuses in the backup jobs page. This could result in false positives and false negatives in the alerts.

  • [BUG] RG Backup - Resynchronization
    Some Resynchronizations were marked in error while still running or were successful.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] RG Supervision - Services - Pedigree
    The reboot available from the Pedigree page and the actions available in the services take place in real time. If the actions are in real time, the status feedback is always done at 5 minute intervals.