Release notes list


  • [BUG] Date : Some date formats were poorly translated.

  • [BUG] Backup Hyper-V
    For environments 18.2, 19.1, 19.2, some Hyper-V dataset were not backed up.

  • [BUG] Quotas
    In the quota detail export, the node and path displayed for an agent were those of the quota and not those of the agent.

  • [BUG] RG Security : The quarantine is now emptying.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Redesigned Avamar agent installation method
    The Avamar client and plugins install process has been optimized to offer you better stability, more information on the installation steps, and finally support machines renaming.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Export of Consumption from the previous month
    The following columns of the previous month's consumption export have been revised so that they include the aggregate of the latest backups of all policies and not just the last backup of agent policies.

    • The following columns have been replaced by:

      • "Backup Source Max Size" becomes "Backup Source Max Size's sum"

      • "Backup Restorable Max Size" becomes "Backup Restorable Max Size's sum"

      • "Last Backup Source Size" becomes "Last source backups' sum"

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Quotas
    The creation date of a quota is now present in the quota detail.


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Some improvements and bug fixes on the quotas.
    • RG font restored in Outlook quota notification mails.
    • Displaying the creation date in the quota listing page of a node.
    • Fix multiple small bugs in the interface.
  • [BUG] Following the several problems with the RG agent whose service stopped, we have changed the way the service is launched. Now the service starts in "Delayed Start" mode, which means that the service starts last when the machine starts up.


    A tutorial video is now available in the dashboard's help panel.  
    We've added graphs for a visual history of quotas. 


    We have improved the display of notification blocks. So they no longer fit in the middle of existing items, but on top and centered on the screen. You can read notifications in a fixed location no matter what page you are on.  


  • [BUG] 
    If you had a custom filter enabled and you were coming from the overview on the ticket view, an error would occur. This is now fixed.


  • [NEW FEATURE] Quotas
    Thanks to this feature, you will be able to track your consumption and those of your customers on different products. Go to the RG dashboard, page Management > Quotas to set up your first quota!
    A complete tutorial is available here :

    A video presentation can be seen here:

    • NRC public links: you can now leave an expiry date for NRC public links blank (OFF button possible but remains ON by default).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The dashboard now loads faster


    It is now a possibility to set up the backup report email so that it is only sent when there are backups, which avoids sending an empty email to users, especially on weekends. This is now the default choice. Reports set up in the past also adopt this behavior.  

    The label name for Bitdefender "Security Email" has been changed to "Security Email O365". 

    When a distributor's account requests its switch into production, we automatically send an email to its distributor and to RG Opportunity in order to transmit the request. To make the request more clearly identifiable to RG, we now add the name of the parent distributor in the email to RG.