Release notes list


Fixed bugs :

  • [Data Backup & Restore] Unable to update an agent with an old policy
  • [Supervision ESX] Problem with memory retrieval 

What's New :

  • Updated backup environment state recovery scripts

 Technical :

  • [Audits] Détails - Improvement to display the specific route
  • [Sentry] Dealing with sentry issues



What's New : 

[Data Backup & Restore] Avamar support in version 19.2

[Data Backup & Restore] Added the Backup feature that allows you not to delete all agent backups when switching Backup to Off but rather to keep them until the end of their retention. 

[Data Backup & Restore] Support of two new types of VEEAM policies, this could solve some of the problems encountered with non-retrieval of the backup policies.