The changes from the June updates include (but are not limited to):


File Explorer

  • [Adjustment] 

The default sorting of the list now matches what you find in the Windows File Explorer.

APP Manager

  • [Correction] 

Correction to add missing icons on applications available in the Chocolatey catalog.




  • [Addition] 

A color badge now provides more information and context when you view different backups of an agent from the Backup Jobs view.

Custom Scripts

  • [New] 

The redesign of the Custom Scripts feature is available. Discover a new interface for creating your scripts, featuring a code editor and a library to manage your scripts.



File explorer

  • [Correction]

Transferred files should in some cases have been considered as in error, but this was not the case, which did not return an error message in the context of a non-transferable file. This has now been corrected.