Release note - February 2024

Changes in the February updates include (but are not limited to):



  • [New Feature] 

The Cybersecurity feature is now available to all new customers in the Dashboard. You can now test the cybersecurity product from the menu:

Cybersecurity > Manage

At the start of the test, a Gravityzone console (Bitdefender) will be created, and direct access will be available. Connection is via secure authentication such as SSO or MFA and allows you to deploy and manage the security of your machines directly from the Bitdefender console. For more details, refer to the associated documentation.


Devices SNMP

  • [New Feature] 

The agent pools are enhanced with a new feature that allows you, when configuring an SNMP device, to test your agent pools to ensure that they can monitor the device being configured.

Find this new feature in the configuration screen of a new device or in the settings of an already monitored device.



  • [Modification] 

The consumption export accessible from the pedigree switches from XLS format to XLSX format to facilitate downloading and processing.