Release Note - December 2023

December update changes include (but are not limited to):



  • [New]

Single Sign-On or SSO is now available. You can now declare your organization to apply this new authentication policy to a node.

  • [Enhancement]

The list for managing user authentication policies in the Dashboard has been updated to make it easier to use and read.

  • [Addition]

The following services are now excluded from monitoring by default.

    • MapsBroker
    • edgeupdate
    • WbioSrvc
    • CDPSvc

You can enable monitoring of these services if needed directly from the Actions > Services menu.

  • [Bug] Corrections:

- The date in the notification emails for tickets has been corrected due to a time zone offset in the displayed information. Now, the dates and times of reported incidents are accurate.

- Password reset is fully operational again. The presence of special characters in email addresses, such as "+," could cause an error in the password reset mechanism.




  • [New]

Safe mode restart is accessible from the Action menu.

You will be able to perform a complete safe mode restart or, at a minimum, retain RG agent services to avoid the risk of losing remote access.

Note: This feature requires admin privileges during remote access.

  • [Enhancement]

- The main Assist menu has been revised for better understanding and access to actions, keyboard shortcuts, machine information, and other settings.

- The display of shortcuts has been modified to make it easier for you to use them, whether by mouse click or using associated keyboard keys.

  • [Bug] Corrections:

- Remote machine restart with auto-reconnection has been standardized. Now, even virtual machines with nearly instant restarts are correctly considered for auto-reconnection.

- Multi-screen management has been revised to ensure uniform behavior during a reboot or session lock. Secondary screens will now display a black screen for you to redo your actions on the primary screen.