Script : LogMeIn password

The script that we provide here will allow you to set a unique password for all your workstations. It can be applied to server also but it is not recommended.

To create this script :

  • Place yourself on the node on which you wish to apply the script. Then go in the menu “Configuration” >> “Custom Scripts”
  • Chosse the "Run command" type of script

Now you can set the script with the following instructions :

  1. Enter the name of the script
  2. Choose the type agent on which you want the script to be applied to 
  3. Choose the frequencecy at which you want to execute the script (In this case "Only one time" is enough but you can select "One day" for example if you want to be sure everything is set up correctly)
  4. Paste the following URL : (Here we chose GitHUB as the hosting platform)
  5. Use the variable [%pathFile%] (This variable corresponds the script once downloaded)
  6. The only argument that you will have to enter here is the password you want to apply.
  7. The “processDetach” box is optional. (This option allow the script to run as a background operation and so to not be concerned by timeout problems)