Linux Monitoring agent RedHat

Linux monitoring aget on RedHat base (CentOS, Fedora, …)

Downloading the agent

  • Identify your architecture type
%   uname -a
  • 32 bits Architecture
%   curl -o rgsupv-linux-x86.tar.gz
  • 64 bits Architecture
%   curl -o rgsupv-linux-x64.tar.gz


  • Unzip the archive
%   tar xzf rgsupv-linux-*.tar.gz
  • Go to the “rgsupv-XXX” folder
%   cd rgsupv   (→puis touche tabulation de votre clavier)
  • Install the agent
#   ./rgsupvctl install
  • To save the agent on your dashboard, you will need your login, password, the name of the node the agent will be attached to and the name to be displayed.
#   rgsupvctl register
  • Copy of the Agent automatic script
#   cp rgsupv-init /etc/init.d/rgsupv
  • Edit the /etc/init.d/rgsupv fil then add the following lines at the beginning
# chkconfig: 2345 95 05
# description: Agent de supervision
  • Let’s make the monitoring service to start at the same time system does
#   chkconfig --add rgsupv
#   chkconfig rgsupv on
  • To setup the format of rsyslog in order for the agetn to analyze the logs, modify the following line in the /etc/rsyslog.conf line.
$ActionFileDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format
  • Restart rsyslog service
service rsyslog restart
  • Start the agent
#   rgsupvctl start
#   /etc/init.d/rgsupv start
#   service rgsupv start
  • Verify that the service has properly started
#   service rgsupv status